2012    ROSNIIVKH, Ural Federal University, Circle I

“Ekaterinburg turns to EXPO-2020 burg”The project goal is to develop remarkable, impressive, futuristic and functional territory to hold the International Exhibition EXPO-2020 that may happen in Ekaterinburg in 2020

   Aalto University, circle III
   “Design for Living Environment“The metropolitan area of Helsinki has experienced a vital growth of population during recent years. Therefore housing areas are rapidly developing around the city to provide additional living space. One of those areas is KruunuvuorenrantaIs it possible to develop a concept for a dwelling unit that can, as far as possible, supply all its needs on its own to create a comfortable environment for its inhabitants?
   University of Wolverhampton, Circle II
   “Sustainable use of water in Urban Environments”. This project had 3 objectives: 1. To design a new rainwater harvesting system for a new Science Building on the University of Wolverhampton Main Campus (planned to be built in 2014) in order make the building self‐sufficient in water. 2. To design a new Sustainable Urban Drainage system (SUDs) for the centre of Wolverhampton, so that rainwater can be stored and recycled in the city. 3. To conduct a feasibility study for the centre of Wolverhampton to investigate the potential for generating electricity by hydroelectric power, using the local canal
network, streams in culverts and other water drains.