1999 Technical University of Budapest – Mammoth Circle
  “GANZ- the GOLEM resuscitated”: the outlining of new uses for a former self-dependent urban area with huge industrial structures that is now vacant.
  Danmarks Tekniske Universitet – Crystal Circle
  “Copenhagen Waterfront”: the development of proposals that will improve the living conditions in the area ‘Port of Copenhagen’, while taking into account the interests of both commercial and recreational maritime navigation.
  Fachhochschule Braunschweig/ Wolfenbüttel – Bicycle Circle
  “Challenge for a new millenium”: the design of a business area in order to find out the requirements, advantages and synergy effects of the application of industrial resource management and environmental technologies.
  The Nottingham Trent University – Conch Circle
  “Car-free and Care-free a new City Centre Campus for Nottingham Trent”: the devising of suitable schemes to make the City Centre Campus traffic-free.
  I.U.T. Bordeaux Montesquieu – Medallion Circle
  “Bordeaux – On the Waterfront”: the task of what to do with the warehouses on the waterfront of Bordeaux that separate the 18th century buildings from the river Gironne, taking into consideration the future of the fast lanes of traffic, plans for a new tramway system and another bridge or tunnel.
  T.E.I. of Thessaloniki – Ship Circle
  “Kodras”:The development of a dilapidated area and a former military camp in the southern part of Thessaloniki, taking into consideration the ‘green’ parks, parking, traffic impact, musea, open air theatre and the connection of the sea and the project area.