2002    Le Havre University – Conch Circle
  “Development of a cruise terminal – Le Havre Port”: development of a cruise terminal with adopted facilities for the reception of cruise passengers in le Havre Port.
  Liverpool John Moores University – Mammoth Circle
  “Gracing our waterfront”: making proposals for a new canal link on the waterfront of Liverpool as well as an easy access to the city centre of Liverpool.
  Università degli studi L’Aquila – Bicycle Circle
  “Sustainability in the Central Apennines”: creating ideas for a pedestrian and bicycle network and green areas in the region of Sirente-Velino regional Park in the Central Apennines.
  Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden- Crystal Circle
  “The Blue Diamond”: producing proposals that give a positive impulse to the quality of life in Leeuwarden by using the different values of water of the canals in the city centre.