2006    Università degli studi l’Aquila – Circle 3
  “Man and Nature”; How to give more impulse to an area on mountain Sirentina that is part of a national park, by developing more touristic activities based on the principle of ‘sustainable development’.

  IUT Béthune – Circle 2
  “Aire Port 1 “; Sustainable industrial development in a new area of Béthune harbour, on the canal of Aire.

  Budapest University of Technology and Economics – Champion Circle
  “Roman Bank”; Determine and outline the future functions of the Roman Bank area (on the right bank of the Danube) and its direct surroundings

  NHL University of Applied Sciences- ICWS Circle
  “Barra-DEAL “; Make plans for future functions of the agricultural Barradeel area.

  NHL University of Applied Sciences – Circle 4
  “The Middle Sea “; Develop new plans for new lakes and waterways in the area of the no-longer existing medieval Middle Sea in the province of Fryslân.