Project circle 3 – Port of Horsens

Developing of the Port of Horsens

Port of Horsens is an attractive part of the city of Horsens, but now a days most of the commercial activities on the harbour area, is not related to maritime conditions. The harbour area is isolated from the city and is not an integrated part of the city life.

The community of Horsens wants to increase, develope and integrate the harbour areas into a attractive city environment – with cultural, commercial, recreative, sport and living activities. To make that possible there must be established good infrastructural and trafical solutions in the proposals coming in.

The community made a description for a pre- qualification, to make a competition among consultants. 23 companies took part in the prequalification and six was chosen, to take part in the competition. You will receive all the materials from the competition. The project operates with time limits from 20 – 50 years and for developing the whole area.

We want you to make proposals for the areas close to the city, The Marina, the Northern Harbour and the inner part of the harbour without any time and economical limits for the project. Particularly we want you to care about the architectural expressions, the transition between the city and the harbour area and the traffic problems.