Project circle 2 – Leeuwarden Green city

Leeuwarden Green City

“Achter de Hoven”, is a  working class neighbourhood in the  city center of Leeuwarden. Most houses were built in the beginning of the of the 20th century. After many years of being a problem area, with poverty and criminality, the neighbourhood has gone through a revival in the past 10 years, with new housing projects and an upgrade of the living environment with a green zone along the river Potmarge on which “Achter de Hoven” is situated.  In former times, the area along the along the river Potmarge hosted many gardens and nurseries (for pleasure and agricultural purposes). The river was  the main connection between the gardens and the city center of Leeuwarden.

Nowadays the Potmarge area is considered as the “green lung” of Leeuwarden. Many projects have been realized over the past 10 years to make the river clean and to make the area attractive. There are ambitious plans for further development of the Potmarge area. These plans are expected to  be in line with the wish to make the district “Achter de Hoven”  the most sustainable district of the province of Friesland and have to relate  to the “green” history of the district.

The NEPTUNE students are asked to make plans for the area in the most sustainable way. We focus on the area along the river Potmarge . During the project the students will work on issues like:

– which possibilities for city farming are possible in Leeuwarden?

– how much  acreage is needed to supply the city of Leeuwarden of food?

– develop a plan for the Potmarge area in relation with the existing plans

– make connections with other sustainable projects in “Achter de Hoven” and Leeuwarden