2007    Fachhochschule OOW Oldenburg – Circle 4
  “Alexanderheide “; redevelopment of the former military airfield Fliegenhorst Oldenburg with a focus on water management.
    Budapest University of Technology and Economics – Circle 3
  “Touch the Water “; analyse the current situation at the riverside in Budapest and to find solutions how to connect the city with its river ‘ Danube’ once again.
  NHL University of Applied Sciences – Champion Circle
  “Potmarge”; Develop the area’s around a small river, taking into account the sustainable improvement of the ecological potencies of the water and the banks, the recreational possibilities and the spatial quality of the Potmarge area.
  University of Wolverhampton – Circle 2
  “Sustainable use of water in urban environments”; examine ways and means by which water can be used more efficiently in an urban environment in the city of Wolverhampton.