2009    Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences, Mikkeli, circle IV
   “Mikkelin Vesilaitos” Find a new and best location for a new waste water treatment plant in Mikkeli and make a plan for the reconstruction of the old site.
   Savonia University of Applied Sciences, Kuopio, circle I
   “Matchville” Development of an old industrial area near the Kuopio city center and the lake.
   IUT Béthune, France, circle III
   “La Gare d’Eau” The rehabilitation of the park “La Gare d’Eau” in Bethune in relation and the river marina known as “Port de Plaisance “. The municipality of Bethune has plans to upgrade the areas, reconnect both locations, make it more accessible and attractive for recreational activities.
   Università degli studi di l’Aquila, Circle II
   “The Aterno River” Evaluation, Mitigation and Risk Management Along the Aterno River Belt.